Grandma: It was her sharing her love through cooking and that inspired me to want to be a chef.

Happy Saadhu (In the beginning)


Food has always been a main part of my life. Beginning with watching my Grandma cook feasts for all the relatives. This was the culture I grew up with, everyone gathering together eating and enjoying everyone’s company. My Grandma didn’t allow anyone in the kitchen really but I would hang out in the area, not to get her recipes or bother her, but to watch her work hard from a place of happiness, love, and joy. I was just a kid back then but that being said, I understood that it was more than cooking. It was her sharing her love through cooking and that inspired me to want to be a chef.

The Ashram kitchen is where I met my next mentor, Ashaji


Next Mentor

In my late teens early twenties I was already blessed to have had cooking positions at a resort and other restaurants in the Napa Valley. In my mid twenties through gods grace I met my Spiritual Teacher and spent several years in her Ashrams (a place where people go to learn/develop a spiritual practice).
While there, I was fortunate to learn from Indian cooks many vegetarian dishes from the regions of Gujarat and Maharashtra India.
The Ashram kitchen is where I met my next mentor, Ashaji. Through her patience, kindness, and direction she taught me a whole other way of cooking that I’d never experienced before.

Since then I’ve had the Great Honor of being the personal cook for Brahmin Priest Vedamurti Shri Vivekshastri Godbole, the Acharya of the Shree Krishna Yajurveda Pathshala in Satara, India.
Words cannot touch the experiences I’ve had cooking for Shri Vivekji during his Northern California/Hawaii tour. I can only say these fundamental changes in me have only deepened my appreciation for cooking as a spiritual practice.



The Journey Begins

In my thirties, I took my experience from the Ashram and brought it into the corporate world as an executive chef for a few major tech companies in the silicon valley. During this experience of serving people at the corporate level I noticed the happiness and joy that came from the people that were eating my food. In this moment it helped me remember my main teachers that were my Grandma, Ashaji, and Shri Vivekji who have inspired me to take it to the outside world. This is what gave me the inspiration to start a food truck.

The name Happy Saadhu was pretty easy to come up with…… There is a word in Sanskrit “Saadhu” which means one who follows a Spiritual discipline and I’m most happy when I’m cooking so it just made sense. Through the Happy Saadhu food truck, cooking from this place of love, joy, and happiness is my offering to you!

With Respect,
Happy Saadhu 🙂

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